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Engineered Building Components - Trusses - Wall Systems

Take advantage of the newest trend in the building industry and use pre-assembled components; roof trusses and wall panels. Efficiency is key, and when you need to save time during construction, use these components. Trusses are constructed from high quality lumber and connections to insure stability and product life. Trusses can be picked up at our yard or delivered to your jobsite/home.

Roof Trusses

Our trusses are available in hundreds of configurations depending on width, pitch (rise/run), spacing, strength, and uses. Styles including scissor, mono, regular, and more, depending on usage. Along with configuration, you can also choose the grade of material used to build the truss.

Perfect for any size project, residential or commercial. Trusses are used on everything from pole buildings to new homes to small sheds.

Call us at 419.826.5866 or e-mail us at for more information.

Engineered Wall Panels

Pre-built wall panels are perfect for saving time during your construction project. They can be used on residential and commercial project from small to large. The walls are assembled off-site and delivered to your home/business development. The walls are high quality machine built and go up just like stick-built walls. Available for one or numerous story buildings. Contact Affiliated for more options.

Delivery & Assembly

All building components are avialable for delivery. Since components are assembled off-site, allow for construction times when planning your building schedule. Depending on demand and time of year, this ordering time can very greatly.

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