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Engineered Building Components

Engineered wood products are increasing in popularity due to their ease of use, and are manufactured from wood fiber and glue.

The engineered wood is very light and tends to be more stable (resist twisting or warping) than conventional wood, and comes in joists, headers and beams.  The products can be manufactured in sizes larger and wider than solid wood.

I Joists

Perfect for floor joist and other building uses. Prefabricated wood I-joists are made by gluing solid sawn lumber or laminated veneer lumber (LVL) flanges to a plywood or oriented strandboard (OSB) panel web to produce a dimensionally stable light-weight member with known engineering properties. The "I" shape of these products gives a high strength to weight ratio.

Check with Affiliated for in-stock lengths and thicknesses.


LVL is short for Laminated Veneer Lumber. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product created by layering dried and graded wood veneers with waterproof adhesive into blocks of material.

Check with Affiliated for in-stock lengths and thicknesses.

The resulting parallel-laminated lumber out-performs conventional lumber when either face- or edge-loaded. LVL is a solid, highly predictable and uniform engineered wood product that is sawn to consistent sizes and is virtually free from warping and splitting.

An LVL is perfect for beams and headers.

Glu Lam

Affiliated has specialty lumber products to aid the construction of your project.


Take advantage of the newest trend in the building industry and use pre-assembled components; roof trusses and wall panels. Efficiency is key, and when you need to save time during construction, use these components. Trusses are constructed from high quality lumber and connections to insure stability and product life. Trusses can be picked up at our yard or delivered to your jobsite/home.

More on Trusses & Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Perfect for their ease of use and time-saving design, these engineered building materials can save you time and money.

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