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Owens Corning is our main supplier of insulation because of its quality and affordability.  Affiliated Lumber's goal is to provide the lowest prices possible on the highest quality products, while our competitors  provide the building community, as well as homeowners, with cheap products for inflated prices.

Overview of the Owens Corning site:

Homeowners: Learn about exterior design & architecture, keys and tips on roofing, siding, and insulating, as well as other building ideas.

Professionals: Links for numerous sections ranging from contractors, architects, product information, and warranty information.


Pink Fiberglas Insulation

R-11 Application(s)
Interior Walls/
Noise Control
Basement Walls
R-13 Application(s)
Finished attic
Basement walls
Exterior walls
Additional attic insulation
Crawlspace (Heated)
Finished attic
Basement walls
Exterior walls
Under floors
Additional attic insulation
Uninsulated attic
Under floors
Additional attic insulation
Uninsulated attic

Insulating Products

1" Foamular

4'x8' Tongue & Groove

Fan Fold Underlayment


Affiliated R-Wrap

R-wrap® Protective Housewrap is a weather resistive membrane designed to defend against rain, wind, air, and moisture and provides a superior secondary line of defense against Mother Nature and her elements.

Blown Insulation

Perfect for attics and where you need formable insulation, cellulose blown insulation is your option. Inexpensive, with a high r-value, cellulose can be delivered the day its ordered. Now with free blower rental!

Cellulose Insulation
Free Blower Rental
Tools & Accessories
Great Stuff

Great Stuff 20oz Crack& Gap Foam Sealant $8.79 SKU:347639
Window Stretch Film
Outdoor Window Covering Now Only $5.99 SKU:#270860
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